Digital recruitment and video inteviews

Remote working has become the new normal for many people for the foreseeable future. As we adapt, we leverage new technologies and further enhance the flexibility of our PwC employees to keep delivering our expertise and solving important problems.

Take advantage of fully digitalised recruitment process to join PwC and experience continuous learning opportunities.
Our culture is all about our people. Through the recruitment process we want to meet you as a person and get the picture of your skills, experience and motivation. 

In response to the current situation, we provide you with the opportunity to meet with us via virtual real time video meetings instead of PwC offices. Going a step further, we have included video interviews in our selection process for some job positions to check your motivation and selected skills. Choose the right time and place to respond to questions at your own convenience.
This is a unique opportunity to bring your application to life and stand out from a pile of CVs. A video will represent you much better than a paper cover letter attached to your CV. For specific job positions video questions can be used for checking your motivation, specific technical skills
​​​​​​​or for example language skills. You can choose the time and place, and you can arrange to respond to questions
at your own convenience.